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Chipolte External Factor Evaluation Essay

Examination of the External Environment Inside the quick easygoing section, there are sure outside patterns and powers that Chipolte must address. A portion of these patterns and powers can loan themselves to being crafty in nature; anyway there are some that can undermine the prosperity of the café. The accomplishment of an organization at last relies on how well it can utilize its qualities to exploit outside patterns. By using an External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE) a company’s boss planner can break down and decide significant outside circumstances and dangers imperative to the fate of their association. Another developing pattern that the quick easygoing industry can exploit is the developing wellbeing patterns among buyers. An ever increasing number of individuals are getting mindful of the nourishments that they expend and are gaining ground to eat more advantageous. Truth be told, as per an ongoing overview by the National Restaurant Association, 19% of all clients are effectively searching out sound opt ions when eating out (, 2011). This is an immediate consequence of heftiness rates continually increasing in the United States. Moreover, a few eateries contending in the quick easygoing part have put forth cognizant attempts to offer rather solid suppers to their clients. Absolutely, understanding that clients are searching out sound choices when eating out will incite the business to appreciate a lot of accomplishment in the coming years. A third pattern is the growing enthusiasm for, and accessibility of, natural food fixings. A few café networks have committed their strategic vision proclamations to search out the best fixings. Its an obvious fact that many inexpensive food chains utilize modest fixings that even trade off the dietary benefit of the food it serves. Be that as it may, a few quick easygoing chains will not bargain the respectability of the fixings utilized in its menu alternatives. The utilization of produce that originates from manageable practices is turning out to be increasingly more essential to clients after so much light has been shed on how creatures are treated before being utiliz ed for food. This has evenâ prompted numerous chains to buy produce from privately claimed natural food makers. Truth be told, as per the National Restaurant Association, 70% of grown-ups state they are bound to visit an eatery that offers privately delivered food things (, 2011). The ongoing advances in innovation have likewise empowered different cafés to offer clients an increasingly adaptable approach to arrange food. There are presently applications that permit clients to arrange food by means of their cell phone. Exploiting a thought from pizza parlors, quick easygoing eateries likewise permit clients to arrange food on the web and determine a specific time for get. As these cafés offer its clients more approaches to put in a request, the business can keep up a bigger affinity for development as requesting food turns out to be progressively advantageous. The quick easygoing portion has likewise started to go into the development of economical eatery structures. Presently, there are various activities for creating LEED and other practical structures. These structures are earth cordial, and offer favorable circumstances to the networks that they are raised inside. At the leader of this bend is Chipotle, which has gotten the main affirmations for LEED-structured cafés (, 2008). Utilizing practical structures to house its eateries isn't just profitable on the grounds that it would interest clients, however there are likewise other legislative motivations as duty credits and reasonings (, 2011). Subsequently, not exclusively are economical structures incredible for drawing in and keeping up new clients, yet it likewise bodes well as well. Broadening of food ideas is a gigantic method to pull in a more extensive crowd with a separated taste. As the quick easygoing fragment keeps on developing and thrive, the organizations contending can bear to actualize side projects much similarly as the goliaths of the cheap food industry have done as the years progressed. A large number of the key players inside the business draw in a client with a particular taste profile. As these eateries proceed to extend and develop, they also can side project another brand of eatery with a separated menu. Going with the various chances to the portion, there are likewise a few existing dangers that must be explored so as to stay fruitful. The first of these potential dangers relates to rising food costs. The quick easygoing section should particularly observe this since it as of now utilizes the best fixings which lead to greater expenses. Be that as it may, if food pricesâ continue to rise, the business would be compelled to either reduce expenses or raise the costs on its menu. This is a delicate subject as the eateries inside the fragment can't stand to raise costs excessively high without confronting antagonistic impacts to its typical business tasks. The simplicity of section into the market is additionally another danger that the association must battle. Albeit quick easygoing cafés offer an unmistakable encounter for shoppers, its items are not really progressive using any and all means. This leaves them to some degree powerless against contenders to enter the market and assault the brand; particularly given the low startup costs for cafés. In any case, with sufficient promoting and most extreme consumer loyalty, these eateries can keep up their client base and foil any possible contenders. Progressively harsh climate and the clear expanding danger of catastrophic events consistently stays a potential difficu lty. This would cause food deficiencies and a precarious ascent on the cost of fixings. This makes it totally vital for associations to enhance their merchants to various pieces of the U.S. so as to forestall calamitous deficiencies. Along these lines, if a flood decimates the flexibly of one provider in a region, the café can utilize another provider somewhere else so as to keep up satisfactory dispersion to its cafés. The danger of downturns additionally can be a hurtful scourge to the segment’s achievement. Financial downturns regularly influence most organizations in negative manners and the quick easygoing section isn't shielded from such an occasion. Despite the fact that it enjoyed moderate development and success through the latest downturn, the portions development was hindered a piece, just like the case for a dominant part of enterprises. Be that as it may, eateries were enduring in keeping up costs and a quality encounter and clients kept on supporting the food section. The danger of consumers’ taste inclinations changing is consistently of c oncern. Albeit a great many people are animals of propensity, separation of taste inclinations can change, leaving the eatery helpless. Knowing this, it is essential that cafés continually enhance food quality and the eating experience. Doing so will keep the whole experience â€Å"fresh† and tempt the client to return. One of the impediments in cafés venturing into various zones that most don't understand, is the way that there are regularly challenges in obtaining the fundamental understandings to open new stores (Chipotle 10-k, 2011). These comprise of building licenses if the organization isâ looking to construct a fresh out of the box new installation for the new eatery, to rent understandings for current structures. Various urban areas have distinctive zoning and mandate codes, settling on the choice to lease a previous space a conceivable other option. Be that as it may, the café the executives normally has an objective number of what it needs to pay on a month to month premise. Regularly, there can be a disparity between what the executives feels is reasonable and what the lessor feels is reasonable. This can thwart the extension pace of a café until the two gatherings come to grasps on reasonable standing of a rent understanding. It is significant that quick easygoing associations continually investigate openings and dangers that are introduced outside of the association. On the off chance that organizations don't misuse its points of interest inside the market, it can't develop at a pace that it ought to be. Then again, on the off chance that it doesn't appropriately explore and battle the outer dangers introduced, it will clearly not be good to go for the drawn out limit which is frequently trusted. In this way, an EFE is critical in creating and keeping up a fruitful business. Works Cited David, Fred R. Vital Management Concepts: A Competitive Advantage Approach. Boston: Pearson, 2013. Print.

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The Atomic Bomb :: American America History

The Atomic Bomb The nuclear bomb is an incredible, hazardous atomic weapon. It is powered by the splitting of the cores of explicit measures of plutonium or uranium, in a chain response. The quality of the blast made by one of these bombs is equivalent to the quality of a blast made by a large number of huge amounts of TNT. To explode one of these bombs, enough mass of plutonium or uranium must be given to arrive at what is known as minimum amount. Critical mass is the mass at which the atomic responses going on inside the material can compensate for the neutrons that are leaving the material through its outside surface. These materials are typically isolated inside the bomb with the goal that minimum amount can't be reached until the bomb is prepared to detonate. When the compound responses inside the bomb start, the neutrons discharged by every response hit different molecules and make more parting responses until all the material is dissipated, or totally depleted. This procedure discharges tremendous measures of vitality as outrageous warmth and a gigantic stun wave. These atomic blasts, notwithstanding their weight waves, high breezes, and blaze consumes, produce destructive radiation that taints soil and water, and demolished living issue. The nuclear bomb was first made in the mid twentieth century. Physicists in the United States and Europe had found that the parting of uranium could be utilized to make a fatal touchy weapon. A letter was sent to U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt by Albert Einstein that portrayed this disclosure and cautioned him of its potential perils whenever created by different countries. The Manhattan Project was built up by the U.S. government in 1942 so the nation could build up a nuclear gadget. A group under the order of United States Army Brigadier General Leslie R. Forests planned and manufactured the principal nuclear bombs, coordinated by J. Robert Oppenheimer. This sort of bomb was first tried at Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945. The measure of vitality that was discharged by this blast alone was equal to twenty thousand tons of TNT. Numerous countries have tried atomic gadgets, in the air, under the earth, and under the seas. Just the United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, France, and China straightforwardly confess to having these atomic weapons. Numerous different countries, nonetheless, are thought to have the ability to collect these things rapidly.

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Quayle, Dan

Quayle, Dan Quayle, Dan (James Danforth Quayle), 1947â€", Vice President of the United States (1989â€"93), b. Indianapolis. He graduated from DePauw Univ. (1969) and served in the Indiana National Guard (1969â€"75). The son of a prominent Indiana publishing family, he graduated from law school (Indiana Univ., 1974) and then became associate publisher and general manager of the Huntington Herald-Press. In 1976 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a conservative Republican. In 1980 he was elected to the Senate, defeating three-term incumbent Birch Bayh, and was reelected in 1986. In 1988 Republican presidential candidate George H. W. Bush selected Quayle as his running mate. Although not taken seriously by the media at first, he became an effective speaker for conservative issues. He chaired the President's Council on Competitiveness, which attempted to reduce governmental and environmental regulation on businesses. Renominated in 1992, he attacked the Hollywood media and campaigned vigorously in defense of the Bush administration's record. Bush and Quayle lost the election to Bill Clinton and Al Gore . Quayle mounted an abortive run for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination in 1999. See his memoir, Standing Firm (1994); R. F. Fenno, The Making of a Senator (1989); D. S. Broader and B. Woodward, The Man Who Would be President (1992). The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. History: Biographies

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Nursing Care Plan and Holistic Care Assesment - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 575 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? This is a case study on a male adult from New Zealand who is aged 62 years. He was the only child in his family and he is blessed with two daughters and one son. He is retired and a widow. After several falls at his home, he decided to check into a care facility. This was because he has difficulties attending to his personal care and he too had none to take care of him since his children are adults to leaving by their own. Taking his medication by himself is a challenge also. He was diagnosed with type two diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection and diabetic foot ulcers on his big left toe. Currently, he has no allergies and he is put under Metformin 100mg TDS and Metroprolol Cr 47.5mg medication daily. In addition to those medications, he also takes Paracetamol 20ml daily, Nitrofurantoin 100mg which is administered orally a Beta dine ointment PRN which he applies on his toe. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Nursing Care Plan and Holistic Care Assesment" essay for you Create order Nursing care plan for high blood pressure must adhere to the therapeutic regimen, prevention of complication and one’s life style modification. The plan includes the risk of decreased cardiac output, acute pain, deficient knowledge, activity intolerance and ineffective coping. The risk factor for the plan is myocardial ischemia, ventricular hypertrophy and increased vascular resistance (Kaufman). On the other hand, type two diabetes nursing care plan risk for unsuitable blood glucose, powerlessness, the risk for infection, deficient of knowledge, fatigue, the risk of injury and risk for the inefficient therapeutic regime. Nursing management should be put in place for effective to normalize blood glucose. Also, the must use insulin to decrease complication and exercise and a balanced diet should be maintained. Sam lives in safe clean and comfortable environment harmoniously with staff and neighbors. He speaks and understands English and understands voice tones. His memory is good and very much aware of what is going on around him. With support from staff members and family, he is usually happy and most comfortable. Because of poor vision and sense of hearing, when necessary he wears glasses and a hearing aid gadget. Diabetic foot ulcers on his big left toe cause a lot of pain and because of it, he frequently applies Betadine ointment on his foot. He has difficulties in breathing but no chest pain identified on him. During the night, he has a normal sleeping pattern but uses a pillow to elevate his left foot because he experiences a lot of pain during the night. Because of the type two diabetes, there is a recommended diet for him to help in lowering both his blood sugar level and blood pressure. During the day, he urinates frequently as compared to night and four times a day, he takes anti biotics Nitrofurantoin for UTI (CÃ ¡rdenas-Valladolid et al.). In addition to the above, for hygiene and dressing, he needs assistance from some. More so toileting and dressing. Due to frequent fall he experiences, there is a power chair to help him mobilize. Most of the time he is independent, hence he can stretch a hand of help to others in feeding. During his free time, he enjoys reading, writing and thinking about his life and when his children are free, they visit him. Always he loves being happy and he is not afraid of dying. This is demonstrated through his Christian virtue where he says he wants to meet his parents and wife in heaven.

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Dames, Coppers, and Crooks A Look At Film Noir Essay

Dames, Coppers, and Crooks: A Look At Film Noir nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Film noir is a style of black and white American films that first evolved in the 1940s, became prominent in the post-war era, and lasted in a classic â€Å"Golden Age† period until about 1960. Frank Nino, a French film critic, first coined the label film noir, which literally means black film or cinema, in 1946. Nino noticed the trend of how â€Å"dark† and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France following World War II. In fact, only French critics used the term film noir in their work until the era of noir was over. The French label did not become widely known until the 1970s. The term film noir is now a more†¦show more content†¦Then along came the baby boom, a high increase in marriages, and a high increase in new house owners. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Another phenomenon was the explosion of suburban communities. This created a need for building new houses and a demand for cars and highways. Many people moved to the suburbs because they had a longing for more spacious homes, greater security, and better education for their children. Some people also moved to the suburbs for racial issues, because the suburbs were mainly segregated. The suburban life encouraged uniformity. All the surroundings were similar and there was a need for a sense of belonging. The conformity of suburban lives gave way to a drastic increase in memberships in social institutions. The religious participation was especially renewed. Religion was set in bloom partly because of the Cold War where communists were seen as anti-God. Therefore, religion became an expression for patriotism. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In corporate life, big businesses grew bigger, and this had an effect on the workingman. He went from a hard-working individual to being a person within a cooperation and achievement. The women were led back to the roles they played before the war. Campaigns were led to lead the women back to the kitchen. They were considered obliged to leave their jobs in the workforce so that the veterans could get â€Å"their jobs†

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Heres What I Know About The Project Group

Here's What I Know About The Project Group The Benefits of the Project Group The next Discussion Forum threads may offer information linked to this topic. If it's not interesting to some, they might not be motivated to work as difficult as they might on a topic they found interesting. This list highlights some of the most typical difficulties. View links to the complete detail of every one of the preceding editions. The repository is going to be shared via an internet server, which could also allow pushing. Open the internet portal and pick the project where you wish to add users or groups. Verify your genealogy record is accurate. For those who have ancestors with the surname PARKER, we welcome you to join us in this undertaking. The 30-Second Trick for the Project Group Group projects aren't informal collaborative groups. After developing a project group, you may effectively organize and manage the groups based on your preferences. If you want to participate, or want more details, please contact the, Group coordinator. Click a project group and see the list of projects connected with the project group. Below are a few possible approaches. On a single level, the building industry appears strong. They have several of the exact same skills as their counterpart in the building market. This permits Mercurial to be utilised in a more CVS-like fashion. There are several free on-line platforms obtainable for this kind of work like Google docs. The particular responsibilities of the Project Manager may change depending on the business, the business size, the business maturity, and the company culture. For instance, you may have several Fixed-price project group types, one for every one of your organization's revenue recognition scenarios. You are able to even check out several reviews and after that opt for the business which best suits your requirements and very affordable budget. the Project Group - What Is It? But you're not certain how to have the results that you want. It's extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you would like to prevent low superior services. The review is going to teach you all you want to understand and then it is possible to place your purchase confidently. Our reviews contain information like the score of the clients, our rating, starting prices, Discounts, and grade o f the papers. Whispered the Project Group Secrets Ideal practice dictates that the rigor placed on the remaining part of the undertaking ought to be applied here as well. As a conclusion, our group of skilled experts also provides a last verdict which will help you make a well-informed choice. So there's an assumption that the project manager will not just acquire and handle the team, but in addition cultivate it by performing team-building exercises. You fully grasp the language style of the profession you're studying. A History of the Project Group Refuted If you're thinking that you require someone to compose my essay at this time, you can just rely on our honest reviews. Actually, you're probably just as worried since they are and you will get through it together! Not one of them, however, even arrive near the uniqueness that's Super M. Super M is an endeavor by SM and Capitol Recordsat breaking in the U.S. market in a significant way. Occasionally, groups can encoun ter trouble, and it is helpful to be conscious of a few of the problems (and the acceptable solutions) right from the beginning. Or, you may produce a customized security group in a level and add members to that group. Strength training was created around balance. Don't forget to discuss your group's performance for a group instead of discussing the operation of individual group members. The New Angle On the Project Group Just Released In such tables, the very first column indicates the kind of transaction and other criteria. So we'll create a key data module that will include a TDataBase connection. These tables provide additional information about the requirements for altering the project group type as soon as the original project comprises certain kinds of transactions. This table indicates some tasks that you might have to complete before you assign a project to a different group of exactly the same type. It's possible to add your own code generators which use our framework. Therefore, we've created some tools to keep the software for those processors easy to comprehend, though we will add more features annually. The indicators might be subject to additional review as needed. They provide a flexible framework and a common set of methodologies which in some cases can also be used for country reporting. What You Must Know About the Project Group Like filters, groups arrive predefined, and you may create customized groups. All this info is recorded in the project management program. You willingly take part in the group procedure and production of content. This is a significant opportunity to become involved with exciting and challenging projects with durable clients.

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Corporate Governance In Government Corpora -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Corporate Governance In Government Corpora? Answer: Introduction It is to be stated that the Corporations Act 2001 governs the rights of individuals in relation to conducting and operating a business for the purpose of gaining profits. It can be stated that an organization can be incorporated as public or a private company ( 2018). Part 2A of the Corporations Act 2001 deals with the provisions of registering a company. It can be said accounting to section 114 of the aforementioned act that private companies are required to have a minimum of 50 members. It is to be mentioned that private companies cannot raise capital by issuing shares to the public. However, in case of public companies there is no limitation on the number of members. Public companies can raise their capital by issuing shares to the public (Tricker and Tricker 2015). It can be stated that registration of public companies requires more documentation. According to section 112 of the Corporations Act 2001 it can be stated that companies can e broadly classified into two categories: Proprietary company Public company It is to be stated that proprietary companies can be further subdivided into companies limited by shares and companies with unlimited share capital (Tricker and Tricker 2015). Public companies can be further subdivided into companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, companies with unlimited share capital and no liability company. It is to be mentioned that part 2A.2 of the aforementioned act deals with how a company in Australia can be registered. It is to be stated according to section 117 of the aforementioned act that the first step of registering a company requires filing of an application to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (Hudson 2017). However, only the type of companies as mentioned in the section 112 of the act can be registered. According to subsection 117(2) an application for the registration of a company must contain the following information: The type of company proposed to be formed and registered under this act The proposed name of the company Name and address of each of the members of the company The present family name of each of the persons who consents in writing to become directors of the company The present family name of the each of the persons who consents to be the be the company secretary Address of the directors and company secretary The address of the registered office and the principal place of business of the company For a company limited by shares or an unlimited company the number and class of shares each member agrees to take up in writing, the amount that each member of the company is willing to pay for issuance of each share need to be disclosed in the application Prescribed particulars about the issuance of shares needs to be present in the application for the registration of public company limited by shares or an Unlimited company For a company limited by guarantee the proposed amount of guarantee of each member as agreed upon by the members in writing must be present in the application. Section 118 of the act gives the right to the ASIC to give a company ACN and issues certificates for the purpose of registering it upon receiving the application for registration. Section 119 of the Act states that a company comes into existence the day it is registered. According to section 120 it can be stated that a person becomes a secretary of the company or its director upon its registration and if such persons name and details were proposed as a director or a company secretary in the application (, 2018). Application In this given case study, Richard has an extensive olive grove in the Hunter Valley region with over 12000 olive trees. His two sons are proposing to expand the business of their father and for that purpose they are proposing to operate as a company instead of a sole proprietorship. The primary reason for wanting to operate the business as a company is to receive tax benefits. Therefore for the purpose of registering the company they need to follow the procedures as mentioned above. It can be said that firstly they need to decide the type of company intended to be formed by them. After analyzing the details of the case study presented to us, it can be said that forming a proprietary company would be beneficial to the family. As defined by section 45a of the Corporations Act 2001 a proprietary company is privately owned company which has a maximum of 50 shareholders. However, it is to be mentioned that proprietary companies cannot issue shares to the public for the purpose of raising capital. For registration of the company an application has to be made to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission in compliance with the provisions stated in section 117 of the Corporations Act. In the application all the relevant details of the company proposed to be formed by the family has to be present. Firstly it has to be mentioned that choosing the name of the company is of utmost importance. The name of the company has to be unique and no other company can be in existence with the same name. In case of formation of a proprietary company limited by shares, the name of the company must end with Pty Ltd. Section 118 of the aforementioned act gives power to the ASIC to issue ACN registration for the running the business. According to section 119 the company proposed to be formed by Richard and his sons will come into existence the day it is registered. According to section 120, the persons automatically start acting as directors or company secretary upon registration of the co mpany, provided their names were proposed in the application. Thus in conclusion it can be stated that the business of Richard can be given the structure of a Proprietary company limited by registering it with the ASIC. The steps required to be followed to register a company are enumerated in the Corporations Act 2001. The issue which has been identified in the given case study is whether Terry can take any legal action Cosmo Mining Services Pty Ltd or Mine Ltd or Lazarus Pty Ltd? It is to be mentioned that section 124 of the Corporations Act 2001 governs the powers and legal capacity of a company. According to this section it can be stated that a company has the powers and legal capacity of an individual both outside and in its jurisdictions. Therefore, it can be stated that a company has all the powers of a body corporate. However, such powers and authority are separate from the owners of the company. It can be stated that such company can issue and cancel shares in its own name and has complete authority to do so. Every company has a separate legal entity from its owner and can distribute any of the property belonging to the company among the members of the company and can provide security for the capital that is uncalled for. In the remarkable case Salomon V A Salomon And Co Ltd [1897] the concept of separate legal entities of companies has been discussed. It is to be stated that in this case the House of Lords held unanimously that as the company in the question was duly incorporated, it must be treated as a separate legal entity must held responsible solely for the liabilities incurred by it. It was also held that the motive of those who were behind the promotion of the company was irrelevant in discussing the rights and liabilities of the company. Further it can be stated that the concept of corporate veil existing between the members of the company and the company itself was firmly established in this case. Thus according to the finding of the case it can be stated that due to the separate legal entity of the company the liability of the company will not be directly related to the shareholders of the company. The case Lee v Lees Air Farming Ltd (1961) is another landmark case dealing with the principle of corporate veil. In this case it was held by the house of the lords that a company has the right to enter in employment contracts under certain circumstances. However, it can be stated that a company faces all the legal obligations due to its separate legal entity. It was held by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council that a company will be treated as a separate legal entity and it is possible for a director to have a contract of employment with the company which is owned by him. The case Andar Transport Pty Ltd v Brambles Ltd (2004) is another landmark case dealing with the provision of separate legal of a company. The court highlighted the legal principles in Corporate Law dealing the employees duty of care. It was held by the court that an employer has the duty and must provide his employees with proper and safe working conditions. In this case the High Court has determined that duty if care owed by employer to the employee cannot be co-terminous and co-extensive. It was stated by the court that it is possible to differentiate between the duties owed by an employer to an employee as governed by the common law and those duties which are within the personal capacity of the employers. The case Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd Co Pty Ltd (1989) is a landmark case dealing with the provisions of corporate veil. In this case it was held by the court that in certain circumstances the corporate veil of a company needs to be pierced to find out who actually holds the duty to the aggrieved party. However lifting of the corporate veil is only permissible in instances where the facts are inconsistent, unpredictable not defined properly (Waqas and Rehman 2016) As per the facts of the case it can be said that Cosmo Mining Ltd in a subsidiary company of Cosmo Mining Services Pty Ltd. Recently Cosmo Mining Ltd has been in the media for contamination of a river nearby due to its mining activities. The river provides water to the residents of Gunbarrel. A few of the residents of the Gunbarrel and an employee of Cosmo Mining Ltd., Terry have contracted cancer because of drinking the contaminated water. When faced with this issue the shareholders of the company Cosmo Mining Ltd. unanimously voted for selling the business of the company to another company, Lazarus Pty. Ltd. According to section 124 of the Corporations Act 2001 it can be said that the company Cosmo Mining Ltd has a separate legal entity from its and therefore it enjoys certain rights and will face certain liabilities (Hudson 2017). Therefore in light of the aforementioned statement it can be said that the company can be held liable for the debts incurred and for all the liabilities. However, in a situation where the company becomes insolvent it will become necessary for the courts to lift the corporate veil of such company. Further section 588G of the Corporations Act 2001 has discussed and defined the personal liability of directors of company for debts incurred by a company in the event of becoming insolvent. Thus it can be said that the Company Cosmo Mining Limited can be held liable for contaminating the river and Terry can take action against such company. Conclusion Thus after analyzing the facts of the case and applying legal principles to the facts it can be stated that Cosmo Mining Limited is responsible for contaminating the river and Terry has the right to take legal action against the same company. Reference List: Andar Transport Pty Ltd v Brambles Ltd (2004) 206 ALR 387; (2004) HCA 28 Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd Co Pty Ltd (1989) 16 NSWLR 549 Lee v Lees Air Farming Ltd (1961) AC12 Salomon V A Salomon And Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 (2018).Corporations Act 2001. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Feb. 2018]. Tricker, R.B. and Tricker, R.I., 2015. Corporate governance: Principles, business-law, and practices. Oxford University Press, USA. Waqas, M. and Rehman, Z., 2016. Separate Legal Entity of Corporation: The Corporate Veil. International Journal of Social Sciences and Management, 3(1), pp.1-4. Whincop, M.J., 2017. Corporate governance in government corporations. Routledge. Hudson, A., 2017.Understanding Company Law. Taylor Francis. (2018).ASIC Home | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Feb. 2018].